Meg Whitty
Meg Whitty
Vice President, Corporate Relations & Marketing


United States

Meg serves as the Vice President of Corporate Relations and Marketing at LanzaJet. She started working in biofuels nearly 15 years ago working for USDA Rural Development in Washington, D.C., helping farmers and rural small businesses who were looking to grow biofuel feedstocks and access funding for clean energy. From there she went on to United Airlines where she helped launch a Midwest Aviation Sustainable Biofuels Initiative to tackle the complexities across the value chain of building a new industry for SAF. Since then, Meg has worked in various leadership roles at start-up and high-growth technology companies across strategy, innovation, marketing, and operations.

Meg holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Northwestern University

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  • A recap of the SAF momentum – SAF has been a big topic for a while but what is new?
  • A review and comparison of the various feedstocks: by-product
  • What are some of the knock-on effects of the introduction of the Inflation Reduction Act?
  • Demand signals from both sides of the Atlantic and SAF capacity in planning, can Ishka’s SAF Tracker help shed light?
  • Pathway differences, financing challenges for each one, investment and lending opportunities and scope for ROI
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