Paul O'Driscoll
Paul O'Driscoll
Head of Advisory - Americas ISTAT Appraiser


El Salvador

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  • A recap of the SAF momentum – SAF has been a big topic for a while but what is new?
  • A review and comparison of the various feedstocks: by-product
  • What are some of the knock-on effects of the introduction of the Inflation Reduction Act?
  • Demand signals from both sides of the Atlantic and SAF capacity in planning, can Ishka’s SAF Tracker help shed light?
  • Pathway differences, financing challenges for each one, investment and lending opportunities and scope for ROI
Chris Chaput
President & CFO, DG Fuels
Sarah Ellerby
Chief Executive Officer, Nova Pangaea Technologies
Keith Lawless
Managing Director, SAVIA
Meg Whitty
Vice President, Corporate Relations & Marketing, LanzaJet
Paul O'Driscoll
Head of Advisory - Americas ISTAT Appraiser, Ishka