Martyn Holmes
Martyn Holmes
CCO, Embraer Commercial Aviation



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Main Stage

  • With current tech engines currently appreciating in value for their LLPs and part because of teething difficulties with new gen engines, what impact are we likely to see on current gen engine values?
  • When should we expect the supply of current gen engines to outstrip demand and would we see more lessors and asset owners look for returns with engine tear downs?
  • How are OEM and MRO bottlenecks and part shortages/feedstock constraints impacting investment opportunities and returns?
  • When is the demand going to, once again, be matched by production levels of new aircraft?
  • Are new gen engine issues kinks that can be ironed out or a wider issue? Are new gen engines a less attractive investment option currently given these issues?
  • How much effort should OEMs place on ramping production vs fixing issues with current engines? How will this affect maintenance costs of engines and engine liquidity in the future?
Les Cronin
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, MTU
Ed Connolly
SVP Capital Markets, elfc
Martyn Holmes
CCO, Embraer Commercial Aviation, Embraer
Ben Hughes
Vice President - Business Development, Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance
Alex Vella
CEO, Magnetic Leasing